"This industry-standard security training video contains all of the survival techniques anyone will need in a robbery. The victims' accounts are unforgettable. They clearly demonstrate how following these procedures can save your life."
Larry Meredith, Director of Corporate Security , Cadence Bank
"Dodgen Security Consulting provides ATM lighting inspections for our bank. I am very pleased with their personalized service, quick turnaround, and the quality of their work."
Dan Butt, SVP, Corporate Security Officer, Community & Southern Bank
"This is the best bank robbery training video I have seen that is current with industry standards. It covers everything employees need to know, and does it in a way that you remember it. I highly recommend this product to financial institutions."
Barry Thompson CRCM, "The Fraud Educator," Thompson Consulting Group
"Thank you so much for making such a great robbery video. After over a year of searching, I'm confident that this one is going to work great for my organization! Thank you again for all your help!"
Sarah Holtz, Mission Federal Credit Union
"We have received nothing but positive feedback from your presentation. The City of Opelika truly appreciates your training. Personally, as a former LEO, and someone who has been a Field Training Officer as well as one who provides various training as a Human Resources Officer, I appreciate training that engages and you certainly provide just that. I have also attended over 1,000 hours of advanced officer training, thus, I have seen some (amateurish “professional” trainers); thankfully, we have found one of the good ones!"
Billy Goldsborough, Human Resources Analyst, City of Opelika
“Thank you for doing our Workplace Violence Prevention training last week. Your training was thorough and constructive! I got very good feedback from many participants.”
Stacia Gaines, SPHR, Altec Industries
"This video has become a valuable part of our branch training system. The feedback we have received has been very positive. The video clearly presents the basic steps for preventing and dealing with bank robberies."
William F. Burch, Sr. Vice President Director of Corporate Security , Regions Bank
"Carol Dodgen has provided Workplace Violence and Robbery training for our oil and gas exploration and production company and our natural gas utility employees. She does an outstanding job in presenting information that significantly enhances the safety of our workforce."
Tom Reburn, Safety Manager, Energen Resources and Alabama Gas Corp.
"We have utilized Dodgen Security Consulting for the previous 3 years. Mrs. Dodgen’s banking and law enforcement background makes her the perfect facilitator and she has done a wonderful job tailoring security training around our needs. The many tools utilized such as handouts, videos, & personal testimonials from actual robbers have provided valuable information on the best ways to protect our staff. I would recommend her services over and over again."
Russell Slade, Jr, VP / Corporate Security Officer, PlantersFirst Bank
"As a Director of Education at a Bank, I was searching for a realistic, experiential, video-based program to help both new and experienced employees with the challenging task of dealing with potential robberies. I could not find what I was looking for, however, I found Carol's company on the Internet and thought, "Let's see if she can help."

WOW! Talk about responsive and focused! We talked for quite a while. I shared what I was looking for and why and lucky for me, Carol was in production for a new video based program. She truly listened to the key elements I was seeking and when she called me to tell me the product was complete, I was eager to view it.

Robbery: Plan. Prevent. Prevail. is exactly what I was looking for. The most fascinating and powerful content are interviews with actual bank robbers - what were they thinking? Why did they approach particular locations? What was their mindset? To say that the conversation is engaging after viewing the video is an understatement.

The practical advice on what to do and why in case you are involved in a robbery is right on. Credible professionals share pragmatic information, backed up with facts. Participants walk away with a sense of "realness" that is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you, Carol, for putting this work together and making it available. If you are an educator in a bank, this program is a must have!"

Cindy Goodwin, Director of Training at C&F Bank
"After hearing Carol present on workplace violence at our corporate safety conference, I set up two training sessions for our division leadership team in Decatur. Carol did a great job of incorporating actual workplace violence incidents into her training session. These case studies really made our team think of ways workplace violence could happen at our site. All the reviews I received from our team were extremely positive. We plan to bring Carol back for our general safety training for all of our team members."
George Stephenson, Safety Coordinator, Nucor Steel
"No one covers the topic of security better than Carol Dodgen. The knowledge she imparts is always current and useful, and her presentations are most informative. Her training is a must for those involved in the day-to-day activities of modern banking."
Thomas C. Greene, Executive Vice President , Security Engineers
"As Director of Security for Compass Bank, I used Dodgen Security for several large security projects. Dodgen Security handled our branch/ATM security site surveys at all our offices throughout our 7 state network. Their reports were accurate, concise and very useful in analyzing our branch security risk and ensuring we were in compliance. We also used Dodgen Security to conduct security "Red Team" tests at our critical and corporate offices to ensure that our security operations were meeting our expectations. I would highly recommend Dodgen Security for your security training, ATM lighting inspections, and any other security requirements of your business."
Tom Slimick, Former Corporate Security Director, Compass Bank
"It is refreshing when you attend a conference like this and actually get some information on things most others never cover. Carol Dodgen's presentation of violence in the workplace was one of best and distinctive topics I've seen in a long time. Thank you."
John Duvall, SVP, CFO, Lake Osceola State Bank Baldwin, MI
"I've had the pleasure of working with Carol in several national-level security programs. She is an excellent presenter and she relates particularly well with workshop and conference participants. Carol is bright, articulate and professional."
Dana Turner, Security professional

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